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SUPREME COURT, CIVIL BRANCH New York County 60 Centre Street, New York, N.Y. 10007 HELP CENTER Room 116 6463863025How to Respond to a Summons and Complaint Note: All persons involved in a lawsuit
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Hi there Jim Blankenship owner FCB legal docket cyst we're a licensed and bonded legal document preparation firm specializing in the divorce process we are licensed and bonded in the County of Los Angeles and we can help you regardless of your location we serve all the courts in Los Angeles and I've experienced been working with the courts and the self-help centers and in local area law firms if you're looking for a law firm direction if you're looking for a paralegal type service legal document preparation service to prepare your forms professionally please give us a call now let's talk about preparing the divorce response form we are working on a series of how-to videos you can find all the videos on how to perform to prepare all the different divorce forms on this YouTube channel and on our websites as you can see on your screen we have a site specific website for all of Los Angeles County there's specific information to all the courts so if you live in the 8 when the area code you can go into more say 1/8 comm and get specific divorce information for the divorce courts legal resources and a ton of other information off our website so this video is going to discuss how to prepare the response if you have been served with divorce paperwork what you're going to want to file I'm not necessarily we're not attorneys we can't invite you and what to do there are ways to proceed through the divorce without filing a response so we're not going to get into the when you should or if you should file a response is we're not able to discuss that as a legal document preparation service speak to a lawyer about that we're just going to go through how you would file the response paperwork if that's what you chose to do so let's flip over to the response path or there we go the FL 120 and what I'm going to do is we're just going to go through the form and show you how you would prefer it if you're going to do this on your own we'll go step-by-step feel free to you pause the video if you're actually using this of the point of reference we're completing your forms otherwise we don't want to keep this video too long so we're kind of gonna blow through this and get this done as quickly as possible so you're gonna complete this if you've been served paperwork this is the worst response through divorce so we're gonna say we are John Smith and we were one two three Main Street put your city chat city state and then put your phone number in here fax number if you want not necessary phone number definitely the courts are going to contact you possibly email address is optional and here you're going to put in throw fir or you can simply say self represented either one will will work County of Los Angeles and we're going to use our local area court one of the branches here at nine hundred third Street this will be same and that's north value so you're gonna put the name here as the petitioner actually that's incorrect the petitioner if you're finding this response you're...